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Heat Pump


Nature-friendly technologies

The foundations of the Aldea brand were laid in 2007 in order to bring alternative services and x” to fossil fuel systems to the consumer. Industrial and commercial heat pump in a short time…

Inverter Technology

BigBlue Series Is designed by considering the needs of the sector

Super Performance

Process heating is a different area of expertise! What we have acquired on the field for 15 years in Aldea

Better Design

As Aldea, one of the leading companies in the sector, we are with our design team.

Large Working Temperature Range

Aldea Blue Series Heat Pump is the space thanks to inverter and EVI technology. Heating, cooling and use hot..
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Energy Saving

With a maximum of 6.15 COP and A+++ ErP rating, the Blue Series EVI DC inverter heat pump is more efficient...
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Super Quiet Work

Blue Series EVI heat pump, BL-DC In addition to the invertor fans, the fence-sock feature of the compressor...
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EVI Technology

EVI, "Developed Steam Injection Means and higher at low temperatures up to -30°C...
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We offer large-scale heating and cooling solutions…

Fossil fuels are the most widely used energy sources today. Although they seem to be economical in the short term in terms of the air conditioning sector, both their infrastructural accessibility and the fact that they are supplied from external sources rather than natural ways in our country create quite large costs in the long Jul-ture. The foundations of the Aldea brand were laid in 2007 in order to bring alternative services and products to fossil fuel systems to the consumer.


We offer economic systems

Solutions that provide benefits with a minimum price


We are a pioneer in the heat pump industry

The leading brand in the heat pump with an installed power of over 1000 MW


We care about our customers

Reliable after-sales technical service


We want to protect the future

Nature-friendly, low carbon emission products