November December 2023 – SWIMMING POOL & SAUNA

1- Our first interview with Aldea. Therefore, before starting our interview, we would like to talk about Aldea’s product range and the innovative solutions it offers to the industry. Could you tell us about your products and solutions that you offer for both industrial and residential buildings with the motto ”nature friendly technologies”?

Our field of study is ‘Renewable and Sustainable Energy‘ sources. Resources that can continue their existence the next day due to their nature. Air, water, earth and sun. These natural resources form the basis of our motto.

In order to continue using resources such as coal, natural gas, oil, you need to pay your bills. If you do not pay, you cannot use it again.

However, renewable and sustainable energies will continue to exist as long as life exists.

At this point, as Aldea, we produce devices that can be used for all kinds of structures. We offer solutions with individual devices from 8 kW to 35 kW for houses and villas, from 8 kW to 60 kW for pools, industrial devices for hotels and factories from 25 kW to 2000 kW.

2- Aldea prefers to use R32 gas refrigerants in individual and pool heat pumps. What are the advantages of R32?

The gasses used actually change depending on technology and environmental conditions. Our new serial devices are also using R32 gas. R32 gas is more environmentally friendly than other gasses, its emission values are lower. However, our tests are continuing for both efficiency and the use of R290 gas, which emits close to zero carbon emissions. In the coming years, we will also offer our R290 gas powered products to our customers.

When it comes to gas selection, the carbon emission value comes to the fore before efficiency. The region you also use for efficiency, seasonal conditions force you to make the right choices not only for gas, but also for other features of the device.

3- Aldea pool heat pumps can be used for direct pool heating with a special titanium heat exchanger. How does the fact that pool heat pumps have a special titanium heat exchanger compared to others affect installation, efficiency and cost?

There are many chemicals that are used in the pool. In general, the pool chemical chlorine can be exemplified in the form of algae inhibitor, pH reducer, brightener, precipitator and ion arrestor. Due to these chemicals, normal heat exchanger use will not be very sustainable. Titanium heat exchanger is more costly, but it has a longer service life and higher efficiency.

4- Heat pumps are preferred more than other systems because they meet both heating and cooling needs with high efficiency and low energy consumption. As a domestic company, do you find the use of heat pumps in Turkey and the awareness of the heat pump point sufficient? What are the duties of associations, companies and sector stakeholders to increase awareness?How does Aldea carry out studies to increase awareness?

We are one of the companies that laid the foundations for the use of heat pumps in Turkey as well.

By introducing heat pumps to architects and projectors, we have shed light on a technology that is friendly with nature.

In those years, heat pumps were being introduced as an alternative to fossil fuels. One day fossil fuels will run out, so the need for an alternative was in the foreground.

Today, it is explained and evaluated as the best solution to stop the damage caused by fossil fuels to our world and reduce the negative impact it creates.

We can say that there is a higher consciousness and awareness at the point we have come to, and this is increasing every day. It is very gratifying for us that you are leading the way on this issue as well. And I also want to thank you.

5- The heat pumps used in buildings can also be used for heating and cooling in pools. How does the use of special pool heat pumps for heating and cooling pools offer advantages in terms of cost, efficiency, labor compared to other heat pumps?

This topic varies according to applications. The outlet water temperatures of pool heat pumps are limited to 35°C. When higher temperatures and faster heating times are desired, we should use the heat pump that we use in buildings.

To give an example of this; If you are going to design an outdoor pool in the Sapanca Region where 28 °C is desired in winter, you should not ignore that the outdoor air temperature Decays to degrees such as -3, -5 The pool heat pumps are capacitated according to the outdoor air temperature of 20°C and the outlet water temperature of 28°C. In this case, you cannot heat an outdoor pool in Sapanca with a pool heat pump in January.

Here you can solve the house we use in commissioned buildings with compressor heat pumps designed according to +7°C outdoor air temperature and 35°C outlet water temperature.

I also think we should discuss pool cooling as well as pool heating. Especially in hotels located in Antalya, water temperatures rise above 30 °C in summer. This is also included among the complaints of hotel customers Dec

6- Digitalization and connectivity constitute one of the effective elements in product preferences, and companies offering connectable technologies come to the fore. What is the importance of connectivity for pool heat pumps? How does Aldea offer solutions to its users in terms of connected technologies?

We live in the world of technology and it is moving very fast. You can also remotely control our devices. You are in Istanbul. You will go to your house in Bodrum on the weekend. While traveling in Istanbul, you can make the system of your home in Bodrum work from your phone.

7- The year 2023 was very eventful with the earthquake disaster, economic upheavals and new regulations that came into force. How was the year 2023 for Aldea? along with your evaluations for 2023, could you tell us about your expectations and our goals for 2024? What are your new bazaar targets and investments for 2024?

Every year is actually going even better than we expected. Bazaar is not only the domestic market, but also the foreign market is very active. This is due to increasing awareness and problems related to fossil fuels. Due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the natural gas shortage in Europe also triggered this mobilization. Europe is currently passing laws on heat pumps. The number of heat pumps planned to be sold only in Germany in 2024 is 1,200,000 units.

As ALDEA, we have opened a warehouse in Frankfurt to better serve the European bazaar. We have started the dealer configuration in Europe from Germany.

We will continue to add innovations to the sector. Our company, which was a pioneer in the application of heat pumps for obtaining hot water for use in hotels in the early years, has also put into operation applications for heating and even cooling of chicken farms and greenhouses. With the increasing references, we will have freed chicken farms from fossil fuels in 2024.

8- Do you have anything you want to add finally?

We do our job with love. The work we are doing includes many benefits from the world ecological balance, even until we reach the prices our country pays for fossil fuels and that makes us very happy.

This is very important for a cleaner world.

Based on the increasing fossil fuel prices, seeing the number of heat pumps and systems increasing every day increases our love for our business every day.

Finally, I would like to thank the Pool & Sauna Magazine team on behalf of our company.