Works Magazine- September 2023

1-Aldea, which has reached a leading position in industrial and commercial heat pump solutions in a short time, offers solutions suitable for every need by increasing its product range. How do you assess the sustainability of heat pump use in Turkey, which is harmless both economically from the consumer’s point of view and from the environmental and carbon emission’s point of view in the long term?

I would like to evaluate this question under 3 headings.

-The rapid increase in the fuel costs used in our country and around the world

-The amount of carbon emissions of companies

-Turkey, which works integrated with active companies in international trade

Due to the continuous increase in fuel costs in our country and around the world, enterprises that use natural gas and coal in industry, residences, greenhouses and chicken farms prefer heat pump devices to reduce fuel costs.

Electricity production from solar energy in Turkey is increasing every day. Small or medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce the amount of carbon emissions and reduce their costs are turning to systems that work integrated with solar energy. At this point, electrically powered heating and cooling systems come to the fore.

Almost all of Turkey’s industrial enterprises are progressing in an integrated manner with international trade. European and American-based companies that are actively involved in international trade have been demanding the same understanding from suppliers and partner companies, apart from their own organizations, by carrying out studies to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in recent years.

This demand means that companies operating in the field of industrial and industrial farming in Turkey tend to minimize the use of coal, natural gas (fossil fuels) in order to keep carbon emissions at low levels.

For the reasons I mentioned in the first three articles, we think that the use of heat pumps in our country and around the world will increase day by day.

2-We would like to tell you about your Aldea ALD-EQ-MB series of air-to-water Monoblock Inverter household heat pumps that offer high efficiency that you have introduced to the bazaars. Can you tell us about the features of your ALD-EQ-MB series, the advantages it provides, and the DC Inverter Technology integrated into your heat pumps? How does inverter technology work, what are the benefits of inverter technology heat pump systems?

Our heat pumps are classified according to operating conditions +7 degrees outdoor air temperature (A7W35) +35 degrees outlet water temperature.

The A7W35 is the reference point for capacitance-heat pumps- today. To give an example, when you want to buy a 16 kW air source heat pump, all manufacturers have to offer you a product that gives you a 16 kW capacity in the A7W35 working condition.

Our products are designed in such a way that there is a minimum consumption of electrical energy to meet these standards.

The best technology that can be used in fans and compressors today is DC Inverter technology. Thanks to this technology, the fan and compressor located inside a 16 kW heat pump are enabled to work in the capacity of 4-16 kW by turning down themselves when necessary and consume electricity accordingly.

At the same time, the evaporator surface located on our heat pumps is used more effectively, ensuring that the electricity consumption is lower.

 3-According to the Global Air Source Heat Pumps Market Research Report, the Global Monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps market size is estimated to be $6.8 billion in 2023 and will grow by 7.7% YBBO from 2023 to 2030, reaching $12.4 billion in 2030. Can we get a bazaar evaluation of Aldea, which is one of the manufacturers of Monoblock Air Source Heat Pumps, and could you tell us about the features and advantages of Aldea Monoblock Heat Pumps that it offers to the market?

We can see that heat pump applications will constantly increase. The demand in the Turkish Sunday will be supported by two or three more companies together with ours on an industrial basis.

The reason for this situation is that the companies working in the mechanical installation sector are increasingly deteriorating their engineering infrastructure and are acting with economic anxiety. The supply of new engineering firms is decreasing.

Our biggest advantage in the sector is our experienced dealers and staff.

At the same time, besides the production of white goods, we see that large companies that sell side heating products such as geysers, thermosiphons do not have any work related to creating such engineering infrastructures. For this reason, we do not give any possibility of success except for 3-4 companies with experience like us on an industrial basis.

On the housing basis, the return, that is, the companies that provide the best service will survive, the firms that are not efficient and intensive bureaucracy and that make faster returns to their customers will be successful.

4-With the development of technology today, pool water can heat and cool pool water in the most economical, most efficient way with heat pumps. What would you say if we asked you to evaluate the efficiency of your pool heat pumps that you have commissioned as Aldea in terms of site needs and demand?

The demand for rental houses and villas with pools in the country’s tourism is increasing every year.This demand covers the period of June-September in the past years, while today it has started to cover the transition seasons of April, May, October and November.

Vacationers who prefer to stay during these months demand that the pools be at a swimmable temperature. This demand can be easily met with heat pumps.

We believe that the tourism bed capacity of a country such as Turkey should be able to be used for 12 months. Thanks to the pool heat pumps, we have roughly doubled a 4-month process. With this increase, we think that all hotels and villas with pools will turn to using a pool heat pump and should use it.

It is also a fact that almost all hotels from Bodrum to Antalya need pool cooling during the months and days when the air temperature is high. As Aldea, we are also aware of this need and all our devices work in a way that can do both heating and cooling. With this awareness, we offer solutions to all the needs of the sector.

5-What are your studies carried out as Aldea on the dissemination of the use of heat pumps? Can you tell us about the areas of use and importance of heat pumps, especially in the construction sector?

We provide continuous training to companies in the sector on the dissemination of heat pumps. In our training content, there is information about the areas of use of heat pumps, capacity calculations, correct and efficient applications, and auxiliary equipment that can be used with heat pumps. In addition, we aim to inform the sector correctly through organizations such as Yapı Magazine.

We continue to work for a future where heating, cooling and hot water needs are met with a single device and annual electricity consumption is provided by solar panels used on roofs as far as possible.

As you know, there is no annual electricity offset in the domestic use of photovoltaic panels yet. We hope that in the coming years, annual offsetting will be carried out by law for domestic use, just like in enterprises.

In this way, we think that the use of electricity with solar energy will increase and that we can seriously reduce carbon emissions by entering into a more environmentally friendly process by choosing a heat pump.

6-If we asked you to evaluate the heat pumps market in Turkey and around the world, what would you say, what is the roadmap that the market will follow from now on and what are your predictions about the development of heat pumps technologies? If we asked you to evaluate Aldea’s bazaars position, what would you say?

As Aldea Heating Systems, we are in a good position in the industrial appliance bazaar. We have reached this position thanks to our knowledge, skills and experience. As we continue to develop and improve, we will continue to maintain our current position and move to further points.

We have established another company based in Germany in order to carry our knowledge and skills in the sector to the European bazaar. We will continue to gain experience with our company, which will start operating in 2024.

7-What would you like to add finally?

I would like to underline that it is mandatory to use tools suitable for a sustainable life in order to protect our nature.

In the past years, the highest sea sensory temperature measured in Turkey was 31 degrees in İskenderun. This year, we met a new record of 35 degrees in İzmir-Güzelbahçe. We know that some species have been spreading rapidly and effectively from warmer ecosystems to our seas for the last 10 years, and this is an ecological threat for our region as well. We need to be more aware of facts such as the sea water temperature reaching levels it has not reached before, increases in forest fires, the water scarcity we are currently experiencing, and maybe no one should think about 20-30 years from now.

We think that we are doing our part by establishing high energy efficient systems, renewing the old fossil fuel systems that Turkey depends on abroad with heat pumps, which are the most efficient devices of today, and taking care of the national economy and our environment.

As ALDEA, we will continue to move forward with this goal.