Aldea aims to increase the applicability of the heat pump on the cooling side

Stating that the air conditioning sector has experienced a very rapid change in the last 30 years due to the change in fuel costs in the world, the increase in the efficiency of the devices used, the acquisition of an insulated structure of houses, the imperatives imposed by global warming and similar factors, Aldea Sales Manager and Mechanical Engineer Ahmet Orhan said the following about Aldea’s bazaar position and recent developments: “The adventure that started with coal stoves in our homes in the past years continued with diesel boilers in later years. With the increase in fuel costs and the advancement of technology, diesel boilers have been replaced by natural gas systems. Today, due to the policy followed by our state regarding natural gas, natural gas has been delivered to all parts of Turkey and the Sunday has grown every year, encouraging many foreign companies to open factories in Turkey for the production of boilers. However, two issues stand out in the bazaar these days. The first of these is the increasing natural gas costs. The 1 year gas cost of an average household has increased by 55% in the last 1 year. Secondly, global warming and fossil fuels … Human beings have now begun to care and feel the damage caused to the environment by the fuel they burn. Renewable energy is defined as an energy source that can be available exactly the next day in nature’s own evolution. Our prediction is that in the next 20 years, using heat pumps and derivative products powered by renewable energy sources in our country will become a necessity, not a choice. Our company has been one of the companies that have been leading the heat pump bazaar for many years. the bazaar has been spent for many years with the description and design of the heat pump. Today, architects and end consumers are now buying their products directly. Our company is one of the leading companies in Turkey as the installed power in the hotel, factory, etc. devices that we call industrial. All industrial products used by our company are completely produced in Turkey. This also makes us more competitive on bazaar in terms of price service, etc. Our goal in the near term is to be effective in the export bazaar and to increase the applicability of the heat pump on the cooling side. Especially in regions such as İzmir, separate solutions are used for consumer heating and cooling. This both increases the cost of investment and means space wastage,”he said.

Aldea Sales Manager Ahmet Orhan: ”The working logics of VRF and heat pump are the same, but there are differences in the way they transfer energy and the way they are designed“ Ahmet Orhan, who expressed that both VRF and heat pump systems are theoretically based on the thermodynamic cycle, gave the following information about both systems: “The working logics are the same. However, there are differences in the way energy is transferred and projected. To explain with a short example; in a hotel in the coastal region, cooling with VRF and hot water with a heat pump is the most accurate solution both in terms of initial investment and operating cost. However, if the same hotel is in the Ankara region, designing with a VRF system at very low temperatures cannot meet the needs because it cannot give the efficiency of the heat pump in environments where outdoor air temperatures drop. In these regions, the heat pump comes to the fore. Our colleagues need to choose which system is advantageous here according to the project. Our task is to transfer these to our colleagues through professional training.”

“The use of heat pump does not exceed 1-2% in the solutions of the total heating and cooling needs for Turkey at the moment”

Emphasizing that natural gas is available in every province at the moment, Ahmet Orhan continued his words as follows: “Naturally, the use of natural gas is at the highest level right now. However, the gap between natural gas installation costs and heat pump installation costs is narrowing every day. The use of heat pumps does not exceed 1-2% in the solutions of the total heating and cooling needs for Turkey at the moment. In developed countries, this rate is at the level of 50-60%. The most important reason for this is that these systems do not harm the environment, countries do not want to be dependent on foreign sources of fuel, and the increasing cost of fossil fuels. We cater to the domestic market with monoblock or split type inverter machines which are designed according to A7W35 between 3 Kw – 25 Kw within the scope of our company. For the industrial market, we have monoblock devices between 30 kW-150 Kw for A7W35 or A15W35 for hotel hot water. We have cascade systems that we operate up to 900 Kw with the devices we use in the industrial bazaars. In addition to these, we use devices with house compressors in devices that will be used in cold areas.This allows our devices to work more efficiently at low temperatures.Our devices are working flawlessly in our cities such as Kayseri, Ankara, Çorum, where the average temperature is 0 degrees day-night in January and February. Heat pump installations require both heating and cooling knowledge. Therefore, it is important to put the system components together correctly. The calculations of the pipe diameters to be used here and the circulation pump selections require information because they are made differently from other systems. We conduct sector training from time to time in relation to this issue. Our company also monitors the accuracy of applications by providing project services.”